SolarVenti® for indoor swimming pools

Many pool house owners have already discovered that SolarVenti® is a really good investment if you have an indoor swimming pool.

If you dehumidify the air in the pool house with a SolarVenti® solar air collector, there will be less need for traditional, electric-powered dehumidification.

You will save on operating costs and the purchase of a traditional dehumidifier. Due to the solar air collector, the dehumidifier will not run as often and, therefore, will last longer.

In addition, the fact that the solar air collector renews the air in the room means that the chlorine content in the air will be significantly reduced (an exhaust fan is fitted to ensure that the chlorine-filled air is not driven into the rest of the house). Avoids the smell of chlorine, which can be very unpleasant, and reduces the risk of chlorine erosion of the metal surfaces in the building.

Another advantage of the system is that the solar air collector warms up the air in the pool house which means that the water in the pool cools down more slowly. This makes the heating of the pool water cheaper.