SolarVenti® to warm and dry air to the basement

Those who purchase a SolarVenti® solar air collector for their basement usually do so because the indoor climate of the basement is more or less humid and closed.

The air is typically too static and both humidity and moisture content in walls and other building structure is too high.

When the SolarVenti® solar air collector is mounted, the basement's indoor air quality will significantly be improved within a few months and the homeowner will begin to feel the air in the basement much cooler and less moist to breathe.

With the SolarVenti® collector suitable for the area and after a few months of operation, the moisture level in the basement structure dropped significantly, leaving a breathable, healthy air in the basement.


Ventilation Flow

When the sun shines a little on the panel of the solar air collector, for example, on a sunny wall on the side of the basement, the air quickly becomes very hot inside the panel.

At the same time, the fan powered by solar photovoltaic panels begins blowing hot and dry ventilation air into the basement.

The air - which is blown into the house - pushes the damp and 'old' air out through leaks or vents.

It is the location of the vent vents that determine how the ventilation air moves through the basement.

For the SolarVenti® collector to effect more rooms in the basement, the doors must remain open, or place vents between rooms.