SOLARVENTI® Dehumidify and Ventilates
Garages and Storage Houses

Those who purchase a SolarVenti® solar air collector for their garage or storege house usually do so because the indoor climate is more or less humid and closed.

Garages usually have a high humidity level with cars getting wet from the rain in winter. As well as the engine can evaporate up to about 4 liters of water (not electric cars) that lies inside the garage indoors.

The storerooms are usually closed for long periods of time without renewing air. Closed air and humidity increase humidity on the walls of the building structure and on all objects stored in the space. This allows the appearance of condensations and oxidations, as well as the formation of musty smell, mold and air saturated.

When the SolarVenti® solar air collector is mounted, indoor air quality will significantly be improved within a few months and the homeowner will begin to feel the air much cooler and less moist to breathe.

Ventilation Flow

When the sun shines a little on the panel of the solar air collector, for example, on a sunny wall on the side of the basement, the air quickly becomes very hot inside the panel.

At the same time, the fan powered by solar photovoltaic – there are not running costs - panels begins blowing hot and dry ventilation air into the garage or storage house.

The air - which is blown into the house - pushes the damp and 'old' air out through leaks or vents.

The SolarVenti® solar air collector that requires no maintenance, because during the system shutdown in summer, the filter is cleaned with the heat of the sun and that eliminates all particles that have been “trapped” there.